Welcome to The Lone Wolves Collective

Welcome to this very first “newsletter” from us, Rob and Jamie, the founding fathers of the Lone Wolves Collective as we launch what we hope will become a vibrant and diverse home for independent, creative work on the internet.

Jamie and I “met” online. We both started podcasts about the same time and when I sent him a message to about a weird coincidence from one of his shows, what turned into a real collaborative relationship was formed. We’ve worked across each others shows so many times in the last 2 years that it seemed only right to do something together.

You can find more about us here

Who We Are

A chance encounter on social media has led to fairly regularly guest spots between our founders, Jamie Onolfo and Rob Jones on their individual shows and…

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Whats going on?

So, 2 years after we both took our tentative first steps into making stuff online we’ve worked together to make The Lone Wolves Collective to be a space where we can show off our best work and try to share some of our stuff to the others listeners and supporters.

In time we’ll bring in more and more creative people onboard to showcase their work, either as a one off occasion or on a more long term basis. Think of it as a gallery where we’ll have some resident creators and really cool one-off shows or exhibitions.

For now, as we iron out a few bumps that come along with any new project, we’re focusing on the things we already produce regularly and are slowly developing more ideas and opportunities.

We’re concentrating on podcasting early on as we like to think we know what we’re doing there but we’ll be expanding those pods with regular blogs and have plans to expand what we do with video and Youtube. (Jamie is a step ahead on that one)

There’s stuff to listen to?

So about those podcasts then.

Well, our first shows Talking Dad and Records & Bands are still going strong and entering their third years. Last year saw the beginnings of Just Up The Trail, a hiking and outdoors podcast developed from my “other” blog and Jamie’s Man Cave on YouTube where he does beer reviews and home brew and other manly pursuits!

You can find all the current projects right here, as well as introductory episodes for some shows in development.


We’ve got a range of shows that you can enjoy. Music, Hiking, Parenting, Film. It’s all covered and all the links to all the shows are here.

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There are a few more shows at various stages of development, I have some limited series podcasts in the works which will come out throughout the next year or so, Jamie and I are starting work on Last Exit on Mainstream which we’re describing as pop culture adjacent and hopefully next month we’ll have another creator joining us with their new show.

There will also be a Lone Wolves Podcast where we’ll get together to chat about what we’ve got going on, what we’re planning and what cool stuff we’ve found elsewhere in indie creator world. That will be once a month but in between times we’ll put episodes from our other shows into that feed so you can see what we’re all working on.

And Writing Too?

If that’s not enough, then there are regular blogs attached to the podcasts where we can expand on some of the topics covered in shows, cover those that maybe don’t apply themselves to an audio medium or we just feel the need to write up, old school.

These might be album reviews or the classic “Top 5 whatever” articles from Records & Bands, some tips for parenting teen horrors from Talking Dad or maybe even some thoughts on other shows or creators we’ve stumbled upon across the internet. We do plan on featuring a “Creator of the Month” as soon as we’ve got this thing rocking and found a better word than “Creator”.

All the current blogs are here but as with everything, expect more to come

If you can stick around while we get this thing off the ground that would be very cool of you. If you came here from Records & Bands, maybe check out Talking Dad. Thats the idea, come for one for show, find the next one.

If you want to keep up to date with everything going on here at The Lone Wolves Collective then you can sign up to our monthly newsletter and follow our social media stuff but really, if can you tell the world about us somehow then that would be very cool of you.

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