Brewery of the month – New Bristol Brewery

A brief background on New Bristol Brewery

New Bristol Brewery is a small brewery located in the middle of Bristol, owned and run by husband and wife Noel and Maria. Brewing beer in small batches and constantly trying out new recipe’s from mango and coconut IPA’s to brown sugar and coffee infused stouts.

Beers that are available

Offering pick and mix cases of 6,12,18 & 24 on their web shop. With styles from IPA, NEIPA and toffee stouts and sours.

A couple that got away during our order, when logging my beers on the Untappd app i noticed a Ferrero Rocher stout and a french toast brown ale both of which sound amazing and i would of loved to try them.

The beers we chose

  • Beaut – An AUS / NZ IPA
  • Double duvet vous – A new england DIPA
  • Line & Raspberry crumble sour

My pick of the bunch on this occasion would have to be the Lime & Raspberry crumble sour. This was tart, juicy with subtle undertones of biscuit / crumble and finishing with lime juice.

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Jamie’s Man Cave Mission

We want to highlight beer makers from all around the UK – If you have suggestions of breweries we should consider featuring in next months brewery of the month leave us a comment

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