Sam Jones – Alvin & The Angry Barrels

Welcome to Records & Bands where we’re trying out a new format to the show where I invite cool people onto the show to talk about their music and their record collections.

Each time I’ll be asking a different guest the same 10 questions as we try and bring some new voices and music to the show.

Sam Jones – Alvin & The Angry Barrels Records and Bands

Playing guinea pig for the first show in this new format is Sam Jones who you may know from Alvin & the Angry Barrels or long term listeners to this show may remember him as co-host, although it’s been a while.

So join us as we go through his favourite records, his first gig, his perfect festival line up and loads more before we settle on the ONE song he would add to a playlist for the aliens to find.

We had a really cool chat around his records and his answers to our questions but if you just want the highlights then read on…

1. What are your Top 3 Albums OR Top 3 Artists/Bands of all time ever?

Green Day. Bruce Springsteen. Jamie T with an honourable mention for Tim Armstrong

2a. What was the first record you bought with your own money or specifically asked someone to buy for you?

I asked Mum to get me the Best of the Eagles but I remember going into the little record shop and buying Lets Face It by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

2b. What was the last record you bought/streamed/downloaded?

Billy Bragg – Life’s a Riot with Spy vs Spy.

Creeper – Sex , Death and the Infinite Void

Taylor Swift – Midnights

3. Whose been the biggest influence on your record collection?

Family mainly, older brothers and parents

4a. What was the first gig you went to?

The Eagles. Wembley Stadium 1995.

4b. And the last one?

Lars Fredriksen

5. As you’re in a band already, is there a different type of band you’d love to play in?

A Rancid Tribute Act

6. It’s a one day festival. There’s 6 slots. Who are you booking?

7. Which band/artist makes you dance around the kitchen? (Like a Dickhead!!)

Tim Armstrong – specifically The Poets Life Album in the summertime

8a. Is there a band or artist that everyone loves but you just don’t get?

Led Zeppelin

8b. Alternatively is there a band you love but none of your friends are into?

Sleaford Mods and Yungblud

9. You can travel through time and space to any musical scene or era. Where are you going?

1977. London to see all the punk bands as they were coming through. Specifically Ian Dury & TheBlockheads

10. You get to add ONE song to our playlist of the best songs in the world which we’ll send into space or bury for our future selves. What song are you adding?

Bruce Springsteen. Thunder Road

You can find all the final song choices on a playlist on Apple Music, Spotify or on the website.

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