The Records & Bands Playlist for the Ages

As part of the Records & Bands podcast, I’ve started asking guests to leave just one song for the ultimate playlist which will one day be sent into space or buried for our future selves to unearth.

Each guest gets just one song so they have to think hard about the decision.

You can hear each guests appearance on the show and see what they chose below and you can listen to the playlist on Apple Music and Spotify.

SongGuest Episode
Thunder Road – Bruce SpringsteenSam Jones.
Alvin and the Angry Barrels
4th April 2023
Beaux J. Poo Boo – Les McCannIan Graham
Cult Connections & Bantha Liberation Front
6th April 2023
Come As You Are – NirvanaGeorge aka Confidential13th April 2023

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