On The Turntable #2 (April 10th 2023)

Jamie joined me this week to chat Records and Bands on the podcast, and of course you can find that at he bottom of this post. There’s a couple of segments in the show that don’t lend themselves to the written word so please have a listen to full show in all its audio glory.

So a few things that we’ve been listening to lately.

The 2020 album Point of no Return from Those Damn Crows is quite a good listen. So they’re like a heavy rock borderline metal band from ah whales I think ah. You you hear them quite a lot on planet rock and those type of radio stations I’ve heard I’ve heard loads of their stuff but never really known or paid attention to who they were and then um I think Leon mentioned it because when I put it in the group Leon said he’d I’ve listened to them before so that was their album from 2020

and then recently I went on that little rabbit hole of listening to an artist called Wren I’d listened to a bit of his stuff. He hasn’t got a new album out but there’s a couple of tracks that have sort of blown up on Youtube recently? Um, so he’s quite an interesting listen and sort of going back into some of his older stuff as well.

Also listened to a little bit of The Doors because we’ve just done a podcast around the 27 club and Jim Morrison comes up in that and also a bit of Jimi Hendrix . Can’t go far around with a bit of Jimi Hendrix to be honest


So last week was the anniversaries of the deaths of Kurt Cobain and Sean Smith who was in Pigeonhead and Brad and Satchel so I had a lot of their stuff on and Nirvana Live at Reading in 92. It’s one of those really cool live albums that very nearly capture the intensity of the live show.

Above by Mad Season was our Record of the Week last week and that’s really cool, I feel that like that record is kind of the direction that Layne Staley might have gone if he’d stayed with us for a bit longer.

And the other album I think everyone should check out is The Family by Satchel. That’s one of Sean Smith’s that’s just a really chilled out record that probably went under the radar when it came out and I think it deserves a lot more love.


So Busted have announced a 20 year reunion and they’re they’re doing some shows. I’m not going to one of the shows but….

I put on their first album and the other day during my lunch break in the car and as you know, sometimes you can listen to an old record and it’ll transport you back to a time when you listen to it and that was very much like my early teens years and and some of it is kind of catchy. All of its a bit cheesy. So obviously they’re heavily influenced by Blink182 and all of that. albeit a heavily watered down and pop version.

This weeks big release is Metallica’s 72 Seasons

There’s been a few singles released over the last few months to various fanfares or whatever the opposite of a fanfare is but the whole thing is out on Friday.

72 seasons is the upcoming eleventh studio album by Metallica and is going to be released on their own label Blackened Recordings and is produced by Greg Fidelman who also produced a band’s previous studio album Hardwired to sSelf-Destruct which was 2016

James Hetfield says of the title…

“72 seasons is about the first eighteen years of our lives that form our true or false selves, the concept that we are told who we are by our parents, a possible pigeonholing around what kind of personality we are. I think the most interesting part of this is the continued study of those core beliefs and how it affects our perception of the world today.
Much of our adult experiences is reenactment or reaction to these childhood experiences prisoners of childhood or breaking free of those bondages we carry.”

Um, it’s quite a bit in it I’m look forward to it. it’s one of those things where they’ll put a track out as a single and then I’ll look and I think “oh when’s the album coming out’ and it’s like three or four months or something so I’m happy to wait for the whole thing and play it all the way through in the car as I’m driving around.

Have you listened to the 4 singles off this new album? They’ve all been released over the last few months.

I listened to them today and my reaction was “Yeah that’s Metallica” the guitar sound a bit. The guitars sounded a little bit thin but maybe that’s just my speaker.

I listened to the first single that came out a while ago and I thought it’s a bit of a follow on from the previous album but I’m going to wait for the album and listen to the whole lot.
But that Hardwire to Self-destruct is is still in the car so that gets played every now and again and its quite a good album


So if you’re into Metallica you’ll probably like it, or hate it! Metallica fans can go either way can’t they. They’re a pretty tribal bunch at times…..Load anyone?

Top 10…..

This weeks playlist is Songs for a Road Trip with the Kids.

Some are kids favourites, some belong to the adults and others are purely a distraction to stop an argument!! You can hear all the reasoning behind the choices on the show.

Record of The Week

So all that’s left to do now is declare a Record of a Week and this is a bit different but I’m choosing this one because I’ve kind of decided to start collecting records again but I’m not gonna be carting the kids around car boot sales or sorting through all the Jim Reeve stuff in the charity shop. I’m gonna buy stuff that kind of feel special at the time.

To kick off the new collection I’ve ordered a purple vinyl version of a Neil Gaiman collaboration with the FourPlay String Quartet. He’s basically put his poetry and prose to music and the few tracks I’ve heard on Apple Music are really really cool. Kind of put it on the record player and then go and sit in the chair with a glass of whiskey or something.

But that isn’t out properly yet. So it’s not my record of the week.

The Record of the Week is the last proper vinyl record that I bought, back in 2015 and it’s The Race for Space by Public Service Broadcasting.

They’ve taken notable recordings from the Soviet and US space race in the 60’s and the 70’s and then they’ve put it all to music so it starts with Kennedy’s speech and then they’ve got mission control radio and they put put music behind it and it gets all proper goose pimpley and it’s really really cool.

It is available for streaming so give it spin and let me know what you think, it’s definitely worth 45 minutes of your time as it’s really cool, different to what I’d normally be recommending and one of those that it felt like a special thing when it came out hence I bought it on vinyl and that’s kind of the way I’m going to go with my vinyl collecting.

So thats the blog this week, I’ve got George, aka Confidential in for the Q&A later in the week and thats a cool little show

Links to everything are below for all your extra curricular records and bands needs and if you spare us a quid on Patreon please do. They’ll be extra stuff there as we go one so that would be really cool.

Lastly, any album recommendations or anything you think might be up my street, give me a shout either through the website, on Twitter @robjonespodcast or through @recordsandbands on instagram.

On the Turntable #2. (April 10th 2023) Records and Bands

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