In this episode of Records & Bands I speak with musician Confidential.

Introducing Lost Hiker Records Records and Bands

George, aka Confidential joins me this week to go through the 10 questions I’m asking all our new guests so we’ll be getting into his Top 3 albums, a band he loves but no one else seems to care for and his perfect festival line up.

He also leaves us a song to add to our Playlist for the Ages.

Please check out his music (links below) follow him on Instagram and remember to keep up with playlist on the website where you can also read about some of the records and bands we cover in the show


We had a really cool chat around his records and his answers to our questions but if you just want the highlights then read on…

1. What are your Top 3 Albums of all time ever?

Hurts Vol 1, Tomahawk – Anonymous and The Roots – Things Fall Apart

2a. What was the first record you bought with your own money or specifically asked someone to buy for you?

Iron Maiden by Iron Maiden

2b. What was the last record you bought/streamed/downloaded?

The Clay People

3. Whose been the biggest influence on your record collection?

My Older Brother

4a. What was the first gig you went to?


4b. And the last one?

Chloe Lee

5. Are you in a band? Is there a band you’d love be a part of?

Played in various bands, now a solo Lo-fi Hip Hop artist

6. It’s a one day festival. There’s 6 slots. Who are you booking?

The Roots
Dub Pistols
Cypress Hill
Harry was Here

7. Which band/artist makes you dance around the kitchen? (Like a Dickhead!!)


8a. Is there a band or artist that everyone loves but you just don’t get?

The Beatles

9. You can travel through time and space to any musical scene or era. Where are you going?

Would love to see Leo Brouwer in his pomp

10. You get to add ONE song to our playlist of the best songs in the world which we’ll send into space or bury for our future selves. What song are you adding?

Nirvana – Come as you are.

You can find all the final song choices on a playlist on Apple Music, Spotify or on the website.

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