My 6 year olds first camping trip

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This is a bit of a story that dates back to July 2022 when i went hiking up Hellvelyn in the Lake District with a group of friends, planning to spend the night at a local campsite afterwards sharing a large tent between 6 of us.

Following that trip i was on the look out for a smaller tent for a hike / camping trip, finally finding an OEX Phoxx 2 that i thought would be perfect for the job. The only thing to do was to test it out before an actual hike.

Our camping trip

I thought it would be a good idea while testing out my ‘ new ‘ ( second hand, ebay tent ) that i take my 6 year old son out for his first camping trip too. We stayed for one night at a campsite fairly local with all the necessary amenities for a little added comfort.

What was the favourite part

Well for my son generally being outside with some decent weather and being able to play football in the field for about 2 hours, setting up the tent, colouring and drawing in the tent and cooking on the camping stove. For me the tent worked well and feels like it will be perfect for a hike / camp trip later in the year and of course playing football with my son and showing him how to use the stove.

Anything that didn’t go well?

It was cold, i know surprise that it was cold at night during early April. With a a sleeping bag upgrade and a decent sleep mat instead of a roll mat i think camping will be quite enjoyable.

Will you go camping again?

Yes definitely we will be going again, I’ll hopefully be going as part of a hike before the end of the year but as a family we might also try again with a bigger tent and of course upgraded sleeping bags and sleep mats. We will likely add electric hook up if my wife and youngest come along for that added comfort and warmth but overall we had fun and will try again.

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