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A brief intro to Mark

Mark Asquith joins a Dad Chat episode of the Talking Dad podcast. Mark is known for being That British podcast guy and for his work podcast coaching, he is also the co-founder of podcast hosting site Captivate.fm. From the early 2010’s Mark has worked on his own podcasts, coached podcasters, developed digital media companies and has been asked to educate at many podcast conferences and universities in the UK and in the US.

What we discussed in this episode

In this episode Mark Asquith joins me for a Dad Chat, we talk about the adjustments made becoming a dad for the first time, juggling family life and work, for Mark working and running a business from home. Promoting risk and reward for kids as we teach and guide them through life. The little milestones along the way such as learning the word no or discovering to climb trees. Guiding kids through the world of technology, social media, gaming and screen time.

Mark also offers me his answer on what famous Dad would you like to be like.

You can listen to the episode in the player below or in your favourite podcast app.

Mark Asquith – Dad Chat Talking Dad

  1. Mark Asquith – Dad Chat
  2. My 6yr olds first camping trip – The de-brief
  3. FTHRhood Chlothing – Catch up & partnering with SHOUT 85258

A clip of our discussion around encouraging risk & reward

Mark You can see why a lot of people like our generation where a Lot of time it was, like I said earlier, do as I say, not as I do. You can see why that didn’t really work, but also why a lot of people, if they don’t have the natural tenacity to think well that’s stupid, why a lot of people like I see it with old school friends of mine that have got a lot of talent, a lot of personality, but they never did, frankly, they never did what they could have done in life because their parents had almost, you know, mentally beat it out of them by just saying, you know,

As a general, overall, here’s the mentality I’m imparting on you don’t take risks, because bad stuff can happen. That has then translated to them just not doing anything as adults and sort of regretting it in a lot of cases, and I have that conversation a lot with people I know. So I think that that also then transposes to our mentality. You know, even now, from my side, 15 months old, from yours two and six, you know That is happening now. Well, we are literally, with every conversation that we have with them, dictating the way that they will think when they are 25, 26, 27 years old. You’ve got to be so careful with that.

JamieThat’s a really interesting point and quite important really. I think if we, over analyse every aspect of our day with the kids And we think about that particular thing before each interaction, each conversation, each argument, each set of instructions, i Think we’d we’d pause and we’d change what we were going to say.

But that is very difficult to do and you can’t do it all the time

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