A chance encounter on social media has led to fairly regularly guest spots between our founders, Jamie Onolfo and Rob Jones on their individual shows and they have decided to make something truly collaborative to both showcase their work and hopefully build a place for independent creators to show off their work and provide some cross pollination between shows .

Focussing on podcasts and audio early on, the collective will highlight the full range of shows that our heroes produce, together and separately, provide a place that they can delve deeper into the subjects of their work on the respective blogs and look to highlight the work of the vibrant, DIY podcasting community.

Who’s involved?

Rob Jones

Rob started his creative outpourings like many on a young internet, blogging. Over the years he’s written short stories, traditional journals, a hiking and camping website, stuff on sensory and messy play for kids and music. He’s played around with most platforms and mediums and has bits and pieces anywhere you can think of

After daydreaming about making a podcast since first hearing Kevin Smiths “Smodcast” and Andy Zaltzman and John Olivers “The Bugle” in 2009 (ish), Rob finally plucked up the courage to start Records & Bands with his brother Sam, in April 2021.

Unlike many, he waited until the end of pandemic quarantines to start his first show. He followed it up with Just Up The Trail, a podcast about his first love, hiking and the outdoors, in the spring of 2022. Now into year 3 of his podcasting career, Rob is full of ideas for new shows and spin off series.

You can see the work Rob is currently doing here and follow his random Twitter output over there.

Jamie Onolfo

Jamie began listening to podcasts around 2012 on the daily commute to and from work. Starting out with Kevin Smith, Joe Rogan onto Scroobius Pip, ex UFC fighter Dan Hardy later exploring the world of indie podcasts.

As a teen Jamie would mess around playing in bands with school friends, trying his hand at very basic music production and being told by one guitar teacher that he had potential to be a good rhythm guitarist (always thought of it as a compliment) the world of work distracted from the lofty ideas of playing in a band.

In January 2021 Jamie decided to venture into the world of creating an indie podcast and Talking Dad UK was born, following the pandemic years the idea of sharing his own fatherhood journey as well as discussing fatherhood and parenting with others seemed like the way forward & all with an aim to encourage men to talk more.

During this time Talking Dad grew and while Jamie continued to be creative with other lifestyle content, a new project Jamie’s Man Cave became the home of Jamie’s enjoyment of homebrewing and beer reviewing, while the ‘ man cave ‘ is still under construction this gave another outlet for creative pursuits which continues as Jamie teams up with Rob to share in the creativity of a new podcast Last Exit on Mainstream & the creation of The Lone Wolves Collective.


What are you planning?

For Podcasters

We want to create a space where DIY and independent podcasters can showcase their work, away from the grifts and scams that seem to proliferate podcasting these days and offer a small platform that encourages collaboration and sharing.

For Listeners

We want to showcase the vibrant and diverse indie podcast scene in the UK. Podcasting is quickly becoming the realm of the celebrity…those that are famous already for something else.
Here we hope to share the fantastic work that is going on in spare rooms, on kitchen tables and across Zoom calls from real people who are truly passionate about their subject and the medium.

We’re hoping you’ll find your next favourite podcast among those featured amongst these pages, they are funny and engaging, educational and intriguing and insightful and addictive. Have a dig around, there’s plenty to choose from

Can I get involved?

Yes. If you want to suggest other indie/DIY creators for us to feature we’ll be delighted to hear from you.

Once we get rock and rolling we’ll be hoping to feature as many of the great independent shows that are out there as we can and look to bring some of those creators into the fold, either short term or permanently.

This is a space for collaboration as well as a showcase for great independent work.

Lone Wolves? Lone means one. Wolves is plural. What’s that about????

I would simply refer you to Airheads, the wonderful 1994 film starring Adam Sandler, Steve Buscemi and Brendan Fraser.

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